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Local Search Marketing Recipe: Become the Go-To Restaurant in Your Area

Trying to get customers into your restaurant can be a challenge with all the competition. However, there are many marketing strategies that are available to you, some of which are being neglected by many small businesses across the nation. One strategy that many restaurants are not using is taking advantage of local search marketing to draw customers in. People are now using search engines to find businesses in their local area, so this is the perfect way for restaurants to bring in new customers and become a dominant force in their niche. To implement this strategy, you want to start … Continue reading

5 Do It Yourself Local SEO Tips

Content is King With recent Google updates, writing and posting dynamic content by your business is one of the most important things you can do. Dynamic content means that the search engine is always coming back to your website. The more that the search engines spider crawls your website, the higher that your website will be in search engine results. Also, new content means that you are always up to date when it comes to the latest news in your industry. This means that you can submit your content for inclusion on news websites and syndication on industry related websites. … Continue reading

Get Google+ +1’s To Promote Your Local Business

Social media is everywhere and is the building wave of tomorrow, today. The crest may begin to happen, but not anytime soon. Whether it’s local search marketing, search engine optimization or part of a larger campaign, getting your business in now on the ground floor of a platform like Google+ can only help in the end. There are tons of kids out there singing into YouTube, but there’s only one Justin Bieber; likewise, as there are tons of businesses selling similar products/services to yours, you’ve got to get your business in with a powerful marketing platform that can bring an … Continue reading