Local Mobile Search: Learning Mobile Website Design From 4 Great Sites

ESPN has really grabbed that proverbial bull by the horns. Whether or not they are featuring bull fighting, not the most animal friendly sport, isn’t the point. What they have done pertaining to their mobile website is nothing short of revolutionary.

According to their innovative head of ESPN Mobile, Michael Bayle, they have focused on their mobile product as the product. Which makes so much sense when you consider that they have identified their mobile website as the resource presenting the largest and fastest of their potential growth opportunities.

Dominos will continue to deliver the goods for some time to come, thanks in large part to their correctly discerning the importance of the local mobile search to their continued profitability as a business. They have geared their mobile website to the mobile user in a BIG way.

By recently adding the Android OS to their mobile platform compatibility support,they have captured millions of potential new customers. What is best about their utilization is they have kept it simple, intelligently.

Amazon is a web sales leader for a reason. By offering their appsin the iTunes App Store, they have placed themselves in the center of the virtual shopping aisle.

Their price-scanning app that scans bar codes in a store to instantly compare and offer their products to smart phone users, though somewhat like letting the fox into the hen house, is a transcendent marketing tool and one that more companies need to pick up on.

Search Engine Land
Search Engine Land is the exception to that proverbial rule that states that you need a mobile website. They are a business that specializes in web searching. Instead of diversifying with apps for each mobile platform, they have opted to concentrate their resources on what they do best.

The website design lesson that Search Engine Land exemplifies is knowing what not to do. Maybe you can wait until HTML5 debuts for more

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