4 Important Steps to Prepare for Mobile Search Optimization

Whether you like it or not, mobile search is steadily rising and might soon outpace desktop search. This means your website needs to be prepared for how users interact with the web, otherwise you might see a marked disadvantage compared to other competitors or have a difficult time seeing the same unique impressions as before.

Thankfully, there are four major ways you can prepare for mobile search:

  1. Always optimize for mobile.

  2. No matter how many websites you manage, make sure all of them are optimized for mobile screens as well as desktop screens. This will help make the process of being prepared for mobile search much better and quicker. You’re already half-way there if you’re optimized for mobile!

  3. Content is mobile friendly.

  4. On top of the site mechanics being optimized for smaller screens, you need to also ensure your content is mobile friendly as well. This means your pages can’t be as content heavy with tons of video, large pictures, and unused white space. Real estate on your web pages is vital.

  5. Understand mobile search rank.

  6. Google has been integrating mobile SEO and impressions into their SERPs, which means others will only follow suit (if they haven’t done so already). It is imperative to know the difference between your mobile search rank and desktop search rank.

  7. Always analyze and track.

  8. Finally, keep tabs on what kinds of habits are helping your mobile search while also tracking current mobile related campaigns. This way, you will know ahead of time what works and what doesn’t for any future strategies.

These four steps will help you prepare for anything mobile has in store for your website so you don’t lose significant rank or impressions because of a simple mess up.

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