Online Reviews for Local Business Search Engine Rankings: An Overview

Your business can’t survive without your customers. You might be surprised to know that their goodwill is the most powerful tool you can use in raising your profile by word of mouth, and in recent years, online.

Growing your internet profile in a local context relies strongly on others online goodwill, and customer reviews can help to boost search engine rankings. Your clients are increasingly likely to make decisions on whether to use your service or not depending on what they read about you online.

So how can you achieve this? Firstly, make sure you can be found; online review websites are no use to you if you’re not listed. Either list yourself, or engage the services of someone else to do it for you. If you’re not found on the local versions of Bing, Google+ and Yahoo, you’re going to be at a disadvantage, reviews on these websites arelikely to show high up search engines.

If your business is sector-driven, it’s likely that there will be review sites dedicated to your industry. A positive presence on these puts you at a huge advantage over your competitors. And remember, if someone found you from a good, genuine positive review in the first place, they’re more likely to voice their own opinions once they’ve use your business.

Be sure not to neglect social media either. Twitter is a particularly powerful tool for posting links to positive reviews and interacting with your customers. The potential reach can be thousands more than your direct pool of followers. You could say its word of mouth amplified many times over!

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