Why and How to Strategize Your Social Media Mobile Friendly

Over the last few years, it has come to the attention of most business owners that social media can be a very helpful tool with respect to brand building. In the interim, social networking pages have enjoyed more hits from mobile devices than they have from laptops. It’s important to keep your message compatible. Here are some ways to keep your social media pages mobile friendly:

Use Pictures
Those who redistribute your posts from their mobile devices do so for the same reason as those who redistribute the same posts from their PC. They like what they see. Historically, pictures have a higher redistribution rate than straight text. Don’t fix what isn’t broken.

Downsize Images
While it’s important to use pictures in your posts, using them in the right manner can be a little tricky. The more pixels an image has, the more detail it has, regardless of the media through which it is being viewed. That said, the size of your image has a significant impact on how your pixels are received; too big or too small and the clarity of your post is compromised.

If your goal is to promote the mobile redistribution of posts, resize your pictures before you post them to enhance their quality when viewed from a mobile device. 600 pixels high and 400 pixels wide is ideal.

Keep Your Captions Short
Utilize the caption box but keep the text short and sweet. Text shows up a lot smaller on a Smartphone than it does on a PC, and large blocks of text are a nuisance. Limit your captions to a few sentences. Describe the picture, but describe it briefly.

Invite Feedback
Encourage mobile access to your page by asking mobile viewers to report any problems that they may encounter as they navigate, and dedicate a page to the mobile viewing concerns brought to your attention publicly. As you update your page, update your viewers as to how those concerns are being addressed. Invite commentary for benchmarking purposes. The more you know about the responsiveness of your social media page, the more you can modify.

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