Business Spotlight: Christmas Light Installer

When you are in need of a reputable service to install your Christmas lights, look no further than the Christmas Light Installer. Since 2005, they have been in the business of installing Christmas lights. They strive to make installing and maintaining holiday displays a stress free part of every holiday celebration. With experienced, trained installers, you get a peace of mind about your holiday decorations throughout the entire holiday season.

The Christmas Light Installer offers residential, commercial, and interior services as well as technical support. They have the training to take on every aspect of Christmas light installation for both homes and businesses. No job is either too big or too small for the Christmas Light Installer!

You can take advantage of one or more of the following Christmas Light Installer services:

  • Roof lighting. They use specially-designed, commercial grade lighting clips to attach the lights to the home.
  • Tree lighting. Christmas Light Installer offers multiple tree lighting options including a trunk and spiral wrap, a trunk and main branch wrap, and a branch wrap to the tips.
  • Ground stakes. They use a similar technique for the ground decoration as they do for the roof but with ground stakes instead of shingle clips.
  • Wreath and garlands. The garlands measure 9 feet by 14 inches and the wreaths come in multiple sizes ranging from 36 to 72 inches.
  • Custom interior lighting. Hire Christmas Light Installer to set up your own decorations or rent or purchase their decorations.

Don’t forget to check out Christmas Light Installer on Facebook and Twitter. They have good social presence as well with 350 likes on Facebook and many followers on Twitter. Are you still looking for more information? Call (888) 458-1616. They are happy to assist you in every way that they can.

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