New Rules: How Do You Plan to Market on Craigslist?

Back to basics has its place and can be a good thing for business. Unless it happens to be the rule change recently implemented by Craigslist, making it once again aimed at serving people and not businesses.

Although not entirely the straw that broke the camel’s back, the HTML-rich posts taking advantage of free listings could have been deemed excessive and as a consequence, it has yet to be seen whether the rule changes resulting in tighter ad restriction will have a negative effect or even a positive one.

So as a marketer what can you do about the rule changes?

  • Keep up to date.
    Know the scope of the rule change and that HTML-based listings are no longer allowed, particularly where image tags and hyperlinks might take the casual browser elsewhere.

  • Make sure that any information about your property is more detailed elsewhere.
    For example, make any linked pages as up to date and user-friendly as possible. Hyperlinks may no longer be possible on terms or images but you can still use up to 12 photographs uploaded with Craigslist’s own tool to promote your property.

  • Be clear and concise.
    Don’t feel you have to cram everything in any longer. Aim for clarity and basic information.

  • Don’t look at the rule change in such a negative light.
    But as the springboard to both streamline your marketing into something more informative and helpful and to diversify your marketing tactics for a wider audience reach.

It’s worth bearing in mind that free advertising such as Craigslist is always going to be on someone else’s terms. However, someone else’s terms doesn’t have to mean jumping ship. Adopt the pared-down listing options to focus your efforts and make your adverts work for you.

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