Make the Most of Instagram for e-Commerce Marketing

With more consumers doing their shopping on the Internet, e-commerce stores need to do more than simple product promotions to increase sales. E-commerce is shifting from product promotion to personalized relationships with prospects. The more personalized a relationship is, the greater the possibility of closing sales. Moreover, with Facebook in the picture, opportunities for e-commerce stores just increased.

E-commerce stores can use Facebook’s Instagram app to connect with their prospects, develop relationships and ultimately close sales.

Below are tips on how to use Instagram Direct to boost sales of your e-commerce store:

Hold a contest
Post a photo and ask your followers to share or comment on it for a chance to win a prize. This is a great way to create buzz about the product and reach new prospects on Instagram. Another contest idea is to ask your followers to upload their photos using your product and write a short description with the #hashtag of your choice.

Promote new products
Take a photo of your new product and share it through Instagram Direct to your targeted followers. Provide highlights and benefits of the product and make sure you include a link to your website where prospects can get more information. You can also target your photos to Instagram followers of specific demographics.

Hold Pre-Sales Chats

You can chat with your followers on Instagram Direct and educate them or announce new products. Apart from holding threaded conversations, you can also host Q&A sessions. From the chats, you can find qualitative information that will help you know products that are in demand. You can also get user feedback on your current offers and warm up new followers for future sales.

Instagram Direct enables e-commerce stores to connect directly with customers, find their passions and provide customized solutions.

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