Monthly Archives: March 2014

Time to Enhance Your Business Influence and Sales Leads

The influence your business has in the community is a powerful tool. It can get you work from other reputable companies in the area as well as the standard consumers that hear about your services. Along with influence also come sales leads– an essential part in converting potential customers into real customers. The more influence you have in the community, the more high-quality sales leads will come your way. Orlando Business Journal Business Advantage Seminar By attending the Orlando Business Journal Maintain Business Advantage seminar, you’ll learn how to generate more meaningful leads for your company. Also get an insight … Continue reading

5 Great Mobile Apps to Keep Your Business Ahead

Mobile apps are one of the best ways to get your business out there but there are also some that can help your business get ahead. Here are five of the best apps for helping you to get organized, stay connected and keep a tight schedule whether you are in the office, traveling or working from home: 1. Dropbox is one of the best and most popular apps for getting organized. You can load and share documents, distribute to a target audience or sync up to other programs. With a number of downloads to give you more power, this app … Continue reading

Entrepreneur Open Session: Come to Get Help for Business Needs

Aspiring entrepreneurs and small business owners can now get tips to excel and drive their business forward. Considering the way the economy is performing and how people are losing jobs, we are proud to announce that we have decided to help out those who want to venture on their own and taste success. The Entrepreneur Open Session at the Community Financial Resource Center in Los Angeles is the perfect platform to get help and assistance for all your business needs. You will be touching base with successful small business owners, financial gurus and entrepreneurs who have reached the pinnacle of … Continue reading