Geolocation: An Ideal Tip to Revitalize Local Search

The world of search-engine-result-page (SERP) has undergone a significant change with the update of Google Venice that occurred initially in the United States and then in France and the rest of the world. This has brought geolocation to the forefront and enhanced its importance. Today Google results for queries are showing mostly localized results that are organic in nature.

Usually a person has the ability to customize his geolocation settings. This can be done by going into ‘Search Tools’, selecting ‘All Results’ and then choosing ‘Nearby’ and stating the city, region or state. However, this can be time consuming and can often be unreliable.

That is why users are looking to state the name of the city or region when they are running local searches. While this can bring about mixed results, it takes away the pain of customizing the settings each time you want to run a localized search.

Today, many local businesses have gone online and have realized the power of the World Wide Web. For such businesses, geolocation searches prove to be a success as it brings targeted visitors to their websites and blogs. Using Google AdWords these businesses can generate queries by specifying the kind of device, language, domain and location settings which includes either coordinates or name of the location. Once the business fills in the search phrase and parameters, it brings about the results that allow the business to see where their maximum visitors are based.

Hence, the power of geolocation should not be undermined as local businesses thrive on these results in search engine results as well as in Google Adwords. In fact, geolocation is a great way to revitalize local search marketing results and if you haven’t thought about it till now, it is time to reconsider and take this seriously.

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