What Google Hotel Finder Rankings Reveal

You may have heard that Google has a new search ranking system for the hospitality industry called Google Hotel Finder. Google has also introduced a new pay per click platform for hotels called Hotel Price Ads which is much like AdWords. These new innovations are designed to help hotels and motels maximize reservations beyond the traditional travel agency booking system.

Rank Your Restaurant Well in Google Hotel FinderGoogle-Hotel-Finder-Ranking-System
The following information can help you gain new travelers using local search marketing for restaurant and hotel properties:

Factors for Hotel Finder Rankings:
Reviews, as you may have guessed, are extremely important to how Google now ranks hotels. The top search results will likely have at least four out of five stars based on customer reviews. Google+ reviews are naturally given more priority than comments from other sources including Zagat. Pricing is another big factor as Google customizes search results for individual users based on the types of hotel links they have historically clicked.

The search engine’s goal is to be a valuable resource to its users and ultimately wants consumers to be satisfied with the speed and quality of its search results. That’s why rankings will coincide with the geographic location of the user’s destination in relation to the city center. Other priorities of Hotel Finder include hotels listed in Google+ Local profiles with pictures and listings from Northstar Travel Media.

Hotel Price Ads
Even though Hotel Price Ads use a bidding system like AdWords, it’s a completely separate platform. Ads can be launched through either the platform’s Central Reservation System (CRS) or a Global Distribution System (GDS) as hotels and online travel agents (OTAs) bid on locations and words. The combination of Hotel Finder and Hotel Price Ads can lead to a better ROI for hotels and OTAs.

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