8 Top Ways You Can Get Traffic Without Google

Even though many small businesses obsess over local search SEO techniques aimed at showing up in Google search results, a majority of them never rank as high as they would like.

Follow these 8 top ways to grasp on how you can still gain local traffic without the help of the search giant:local-search-engine-optimization

  1. Add Comments to Blogs
  2. By visiting fellow bloggers in your niche and reading their blogs, you not only gain new insights but you also get the opportunity to share your comments and expand your network.

  3. Get Listed by Content Aggregators
  4. A fast way to attract attention from new followers online is to get listed on popular website directories that showcase your niche, which can be more effective at attracting traffic than local search SEO.

  5. Forum Participation
  6. Forums, despite being overshadowed in recent years by social networks, are still popular online communities where valuable interaction can be found.

  7. Be a Guest Blogger
  8. Part of how bloggers promote themselves is to invite other bloggers to write guest blogs for them, which can help both parties gain authority and expand their followings.

  9. Write Articles
  10. There are several sites like Reddit that allow you to post informative articles on their servers, which helps you promote yourself as a thought leader.

  11. Social Media Interaction
  12. With several free social media sites to choose from, you can build a loyal following and interact directly with followers who share your interests. Facebook is still the most effective.

  13. Comment on YouTube Videos
  14. YouTube allows you to comment on videos, which is another way to start online conversations and direct people to your website.

  15. Send Personalized Email
  16. You can build an email list and marketing campaigns using services such as mailchimp. The key is to avoid spamming others and concentrate on sending personalized messages.

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