4 Tricks to Make Your Blog a Reader’s Magnet

Building a blog can be a daunting task. Even more than that, after building a blog and writing the content, you might feel a little frustrated if you get little to no visitors or engagement on your blog.

If this sounds like you, here are 4 tips to not only get people to your blog, but to increase your readership community on the blog itself and help with local search engine marketing:

Blog Reader’s

  1. Tell People about a New Post
  2. If you use WordPress you can use plugins. If not, you can still use sites like HootSuite to publicize your posts and bring people to your blog and increase local search engine marketing.

  3. Blogging Often
  4. Not only does this help with local search engine marketing, but it also gives your readers something new to read. The debate over amount of posts has varied over the years. But, most people find the best quantity is 1 post every 1-3 days. But, be sure to always stay consistent. Also, remember that even more important than quantity, is quality.

  5. Add Social Buttons to Every Post
  6. Adding Social Buttons to every post allows people to share the post, and it’s free! You would be surprised at how many people will share a post if they like it and it could increase local search engine marketing as well as readership and bring new people to the blog.

  7. Design It for the People
  8. I think most people tend to have creative minds. But, sometimes all a creative mind does is muck up the works. When it comes to your blog it should be creative yet simple. This means creating an attractive blog, but also one that is not confusing, easy to navigate, leave comments, view other previous posts, etc. Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

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