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SEO Tips: Rank Your Website in Multiple Locations

Small businesses can take advantage of local search marketing services if they manage multiple locations. Despite assumptions that Google favors big names in search results, the truth is that business size isn’t the biggest factor. Many small businesses owe part of their marketing success to search engines that put the spotlight on local establishments for geo-targeted searches. The following tips can help expand your visibility in search engines for multiple locations using local SEO: How Local SEO Can Help Your Business Even in the internet age, your business location is still very important to search engines, which has replaced the … Continue reading

2012 Flashback : SEO and Google Algorithm Changes

Google algorithm changes over the past 12 months have significantly impacted the practice of search engine optimization and even user behavior on the search engines. Reputation and Trust– Since the beginning Google and fellow search engines have been promoting consistent quality and with the changes in effect, Google can now track bad behavior more effectively than before. Penguin – Introduced on April 24, Penguin ensures removal of all artificial and low quality links from websites, irrespective of how old they are. While Penguin does not replace manual reviews, action may yet be taken by Google manually against a website because … Continue reading