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Google+ Success Entails Tight Local Networks

As we know, Google is a very important aspect of search engine optimization and is often the main focus of it. Google has now introduced ‘search plus your world’. Normally search results only include publicly found materials which are the same for everyone. However, by adding ‘your world’ to your Google search, you can now get results from within your personal content or things shared specifically with you. This enhances your search on various levels. In this way, the success of Google+ relies on its users having tight local networks. Their local search marketing services is Google Maps. They previous … Continue reading

Adding a Video to Your Google Places Listing Puts You Ahead of the Competition

Most people are still stuck on the notion that the Internet is supposed to immediately engender them to a global marketing population, rather than help them get closer to the local population that is directly around them. If you have already come to this realization, then you are one step ahead of the competition. Now imagine if you were able to show the technological prowess and the professional expertise to add a video to a Google Places listing. You would not only show that you were on the cutting edge of your industry, but you would also put yourself in … Continue reading